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Luscious Lamb Racks

Luscious Lamb Racks

If this is your first time making a rack of lamb, do not be afraid.  This is such a delectable cut of meat that it is really hard to mess up.  My favorite way to cook these is on the grill but if the oven is your only option, I say go for it!


2 Lamb racks (8 ribs each) (frenched and trimmed)*

Olive oil

1 Tbsp The Everything Spice**

1 Tbsp The Herbed Turkey**


*Note:  Frenching is cutting the fat and meat off of the (rib) bones to expose them.  Most racks are usually sold frenched but you will likely need to trim the excess fat between the bones and on the flat side.

** Note: I generally use a little less of The Everything Spice and a little more of The Herbed Turkey.

Pat lamb dry and rub with olive oil.  Season lightly all over with The Everything Spice and then follow that with The Herbed Turkey.  You may not need the whole tablespoon of each depending on the size of your racks.  But remember there is no seasoning on the inside so you want to be sure to get the outside covered.

Try to season racks at least an hour or more in advance if possible.

Heat grill to high (Or oven to 400°).  By the way, I cook EVERYTHING on 400°.

Cook racks bone side up over indirect heat for 8 – 10 mins.  Turn over and move to direct heat for about 4 minutes.  Turn over once more for another 4 minutes.  These times depend on the size of your racks.  Stand racks up to ensure they get brown all over.  Test for doneness with a meat thermometer during the last 4 four minutes.  130° to 135° for medium.

Tent with foil and rest for 15 minutes.  Separate chops to serve.





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