Welcome to Umami!

My name is Rinelle Elizabeth and I am a spiceoholic.  I'm also an accountant and a hairdresser, amongst other things, so yeah, I need a lot of entertainment.

But food is the one thing that shapes lives and brings people together.  My journey thus far has convinced me that sitting down to a healthy, delicious meal with loved ones whether they be friends or family, is one of the best things that you can do for your soul, your health and your happiness.  So if I can be even a small part of making that happen, I am happy.

At UMAMI we believe that cooking is an act of love.

The Dilemma

I've noticed that many people struggle with creating healthy, tasty meals, so we create quality spice blends and quick meal planning ideas so that it takes the stress out of meals.

Our products are best purchased in smaller quantities so that they can be used while the spices retain their natural volatile oils and provide you with the maximum health benefits and flavor.

That is why we wait until the absolute last minute to grind our spices! So that they are always fresh…

I like to think that we have something for everyone.

If you like the "idea" of cooking but don't know where to start, our spice blends can help.

If you are like my sister, and have no interest in cooking, but like food, pictures of food and any event related to food, our food tastings might help.

If you like to create in the kitchen and are always looking for new flavors and ideas, our spice club can help.

Trying to prevent or cure illness by boosting your health and vitality? Our smoothie ad-ins might help.

Organic much? Our organic spices might help.

Our Planet

Our jars are recyclable and I would love it if you would help me to recycle by purchasing our cellophane re-fill bags to top up your jars with.

Our cellophane bags are 100% biodegradable as a more earth-friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastic.

Cellophane is a natural polymer made from cellulose, a component of plants and trees. Cellophane is not made from rainforest trees, but rather from trees farmed and harvested specifically for cellophane production. It can be broken down by micro-organisms in the soil just as leaves and plants are.

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