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UMAMI Spice Blends (in a nutshell)...


I get a lot of questions about UMAMI and spices in general, so I thought you might find this interesting:



Where did you get the name UMAMI?

This is literally the question I get asked the most.

Umami is the fifth taste, after salty, sour, bitter and sweet.  It was discovered later than the others by the Japanese, hence the interesting name.  It is a pleasant savory taste and translates as ‘deliciousness’.  

It’s associated with the flavor of meat, mushrooms and parmesan cheese, amongst other things. 

As you can imagine, I think I’m pretty cool to have come up with this name for my business.


Are UMAMI products gluten free?  Do they contain preservatives?  Any yeast?

Our products are always gluten, additive & preservative free.  We do not use yeast or anti-caking agents of any kind.


Where can I purchase UMAMI products?

Currently, UMAMI products can be purchased at, along with the following stores:

Island Pantry, Miles Market, The Duty Free Shops at LF Wade Airport, ER Fisheries, Long Story Short and Wadsons.  The website is the only place that carries all of our products.



What is the most common mistake people make when cooking with spices?

Nobody ever asks me this.  But I  wish they would.

I would tell them to stop seasoning directly from their jar into a hot pan.  It affects the quality of your spices and can cause them to clump.

Now if you’ve ever seen me cook, you’ll know I do it when I’m being lazy.  But I also cook A LOT and use up my spices QUICK.  So don’t be like me and take good care of your spices.  😊


Are UMAMI products salty?

Our products contain a balanced amount of kosher salt.  The Everything Spice, our only all-purpose blend, is more salt forward than the other blends.  I recommend when using any of the blends to season, taste and season throughout the cooking process until the flavor is to your liking.  Salty is not what we’re going for…


Do UMAMI Products contain Sugar?

Only three of our blends contain sugar, UMAMI Jerk, UMAMI-Q and Tandori Twist.


Are UMAMI products organic?

While we do use some organic ingredients, our products are not fully organic.



How should I store my spices?

Spices should be stored in a cool, dry and preferably dark space.  The rack over your stove ain’t it.  Neither is the drawer next to the stove. 

In the warmer months you can store in the fridge if your kitchen is really hot, or if you don’t cook often.

Full disclosure, I keep mine two drawers away from my stove (close enough to be handy but far enough away that they don’t get the heat from the stove).


How long do UMAMI spice blends last?

As you probably know, spices don’t tend to ‘go bad’ per se.  Instead, they will lose their flavor & health benefits and clump.

UMAMI spice blends are at their best within the first six months of purchasing.  You can still use them after six months but, with our focus on health benefits & flavor, freshness is key.

Which UMAMI products are spicy?

All of our blends (except The OCG and our infused salts) contain pepper.  However, the only two that I consider spicy are the Tandori Twist and UMAMI Jerk.  Maybe The Hot Mexican too.  I mean I guess I should include it since it literally has hot in the name.  🤣


Can I just use UMAMI blends?

People literally ask me this.  And my answer is always, you sure can!  And not just because I’m a brilliant salesperson, but because it’s true.

As much I cook, I have yet to come across a dish that isn’t made better by using UMAMI blends.


Can I use my spices if they clump?

Yes, just crumble them in your hand.  They’ll be fine.  Unless, you’ve had them FOREVER, of course.


Do you grow your own spices?

This is a hard no.  🤭

But even if I wanted to, the best spices in the world do not grow in Bermuda.  Neither do the best grapes.  😉


What should I do with old spices?

Throw them out!  Better yet, don’t let them get old.


Why do I need to cook with spice blends?

Because they are delicious!  Duh. 🤷🏽‍♀️

JK.  Freshly ground spice blends make it really easy to get the flavor and health benefits from a variety of spices that you probably (definitely) wouldn’t ordinarily.

Do you ever look at a recipe and then see that it calls for like 10 spice ingredients?  Do you make the recipe?  Of course not!  Who has time for that?

Me, that’s who.  I carefully grind and mix these spices so that you don’t have to.


What is the best way to season my food?

With abandon…

Ok, I jest.  Season with your hands. 

Why? Because you get a more even coating and you waste less spices.  Also, you don’t want to be holding your open jar of spices over the pan just inviting the steam right in…


What are you trying to accomplish with UMAMI?

My goal is to change the way people eat.  Can we all just agree that nobody needs two starches on their plate?!  😔

UMAMI Bermuda exists to improve the overall awareness about the importance of using spices and the major health benefits and improved flavor associated with their freshness, while also making them readily available and easier to cook with.


I believe that we should:

be customer obsessed.

be honest.

eat clean food.

support sustainability.

enjoy life as often as possible.


So that’s what we do!


Let me know if I’ve missed anything that should definitely be a FAQ!


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