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Grilling kits are on sale from now until Father’s Day.


I’ve chosen the packages based on my grill faves versatilitywise.  Is that a word?  🤷🏽‍♀️   Anyhoo.


The Everything Spice cuz it goes on everything.  Duh.  Sprinkle lightly on zucchini (cut into big chunks or sliced lengthwise).  Actually, sprinkle lightly on anything you like!  😎


UMAMI-Q – Our take on Arkansas barbecue, with a touch of rosemary added to help stop the formation of carcinogens caused by grilling.  Spruce up meat, poultry and baked beans with this blend.


The Herbed Turkey – This is the everything and anything spice.  I use it on meat AND veggies.  Great in salads & salad dressing, beans and potato salad.


UMAMI Jerk – is it even grilling if you don’t sneak some jerk in there somewhere?  Great on pork, chicken, shrimp and veggies.


And to be honest this gift isn’t necessarily just for the guys.  Father’s Day also coincides with National Heroes Weekend, so if you’ll be boating, beaching or grilling, you might want to hop on this special too.

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