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Umami Seasoning Blends - What is it, and how Do you use it deliciously?

Umami Seasoning Blends - What is it, and how Do you use it deliciously?

While sipping on a hot spoon of soup or enjoying a bowl of scrambled eggs, you must have come across a savoury flavour. Unknowingly, people fall in love with this taste; however, very little know that it is known as the umami seasoning blend. It has the basic taste of sweetness combined with sour, bitter and salty tastes. Even if the salt is less in your chicken broth, adding a pinch of the umami seasoning can enhance the taste instantly.

Hence, you'll see this taste in everything from cheese avocado toast to scrambled eggs. However, many people are unaware of the term. What is an umami seasoning blend made of? It's time for you to unveil the secret ingredients behind this lovable seasoning that enhances the taste of your food.

What is umami seasoning made of?

It is simple, and you can try it at home. Umami seasoning is made of dried mushrooms, black pepper, dried thyme, crushed red pepper flakes, salt, granulated onions and ground mustard. The dried mushroom is ground into powder. You can take onion powder, dry it or grind it into powder. After adding all the ingredients, the seasoning is ready to be served with different recipes.

How do you use Umami seasoning in different types of food?

Seasoning at breakfast

You can easily replace salt with Umami seasoning as the blend tastes salty. Hence, it is a favourite addition to breakfast items like omelette, toast, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes and salad dressings.

Seasoning at lunch

If you're focusing on lunch consisting of burgers, sandwiches or a spread of salads, then umami seasoning is a must-add to enhance the taste. You can match the same with butter on burgers and sandwiches as a spread. Moreover, if there's a little avocado in your lunch, this seasoning will work wonders on your taste buds.

Seasoning at dinner

Dinner is the place where you can experience your umami seasonings. From soups and stews to brown rice, a sprinkle of this seasoning can make a dull and tasteless dinner option tempting. Especially for people on a diet, a bowl of salad, soup and boiled chicken for dinner daily can make them dread the food. With Umami seasoning added to these items, these foods become delicious and satisfy the inner hunger pangs.

It is a gluten-free seasoning, which is also good for health. For the best quality umami seasoning blends, contact UMAMI Bermuda Spice Co.Check our website and shop for the seasoning you need.

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