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Tempting Tomato Salad

Tempting Tomato Salad

There is nothing better to me than a properly ripe tomato.  You simply cannot beat the flavor.

I try to always buy Bermuda tomatoes.  They grow pretty much all year round but are definitely more abundant during the summer.  They are more likely to ripen fully, since they don’t have to be picked as early as the imported varieties.


4 or 5 large Bermuda (or vine on) tomatoes*

½ a Spanish onion (or any mild flavor onion or shallot)

1 tbsp The Herb Turkey

Basil Olive Oil (or extra virgin olive oil)

Organic Turmeric White Balsamic Vinegar**


To take it up a notch:

1 tin Great Northern beans (optional)

1 clove garlic minced (optional)

1 ball of burrata (optional)


*Note:  You can also substitute halved cherry tomatoes in this recipe.

**Note:  I know turmeric balsamic is random.  But I love it.  Use whatever mildly sweet balsamic you have.

Cut tomatoes into quarters vertically (or eighths, depending on how big they are).

Season liberally with the spice blend.  I like to season tomatoes up to an hour in advance so they release some of their water, but it is not mandatory if you are challenged for time.

Cut onion in half and then slice as thinly as possible.

Add tomato and onion to bowl and drizzle with the oil and balsamic.  Let sit for a while before serving so that the onion can soften a bit.  Taste before serving and add more of The Herbed Turkey if necessary.



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