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A Little More About Allspice

A Little More About Allspice

It is LOADED with anti-oxidants.  All of which fight the cell damage that can lead to cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's and other chronic health problems.  So you should definitely start using it amap.

Allspice also helps relives the symptoms associated with menopause.  Come get you some girl!

Allspice has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, along with analgesic and anesthetic qualities, which means it fights infection and also helps alleviate pain.  Asking for anything more would just be greedy.

You may not realize it but you are probably already familiar with Allspice.  It is used to flavor soft drinks, chewing gum, ketchup, bbq sauce, canned meats and smoked fish.

You'll get the most flavor by buying it whole and grinding it yourself.  Whole Allspice can last a few years if stored properly but once ground will lose flavor in a few months.  We definitely wait til the very last minute to grind all of our spices here at UMAMI.

Allspice pairs well with beef, curries, chicken, pumpkin, pork, Jamaican cuisine and baked goods.  As well as a load of other things...

Or, if you want to reap the benefits without any hassle, consider adding ground Allspice to your smoothies!

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