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Umami Spice Blend- Level up Your Kenyan Grill with Special Seasoning

Umami Spice Blend- Level up Your Kenyan Grill with Special Seasoning

The grill menu, also called “Nyama Choma” in Kenya, is a dish everyone loves. The smoky flavour of sizzling meat and the soft, juicy cuts are considered a true Kenyan delight. But you might look for extra excitement for the taste buds during preparation. Here are some tips to add a spicy kick to your dish using an umami spice blend in a Kenyan style. 

The first step is to spice up the Marinating.

Smoking on a grill is only possible with proper marinating of the meat. Kenya has a rich tradition of providing spicy blends to make the perfect meat grill. You can look for ready-made spice blends like Umami blends online. These spice blends include the secret ingredient- garlic, which maintains the flavour. This spicy mix adds a gourmet taste to any dish. You can sprinkle a bit of this blend on your marinated meat to level up the palate. 

You can add fresh chillies to the marinade to give it an extra spicy kick. To get the taste, people in Kenya include Pili Pili or bird-eye chillies and scotch bonnet peppers. Start with a chilli, then add as much as per your taste and heat preference. So, don’t forget to add ginger, which is a staple for Kenyan dishes. 

Make Some Spicy Sauces for Added Taste

You can complement your grilled meat with some fiery sides. You can add the Kenyan salsa of tomatoes, onions, chillies and cilantro. You can also use grilled veggies like peppers and onions tossed in the chillies. 

Make the spicy dipped sauce to elevate your grilled meat experience. You can blend chopped chillies, lime juice, and soy sauce to get that spicy flavour in the sauce. 

Pro Tips for Cooking Grilled Meat

 Suppose you want the perfect flavours in the grilled meat, marinate correctly. The longer you marinate, the more flavourful it becomes. Do not burn the meat, but sear. High heat is necessary, but you must be careful not to burn the meat. Sear it fast on high heat, then reduce the heat to cook properly. Once the grilled meat is cooked, allow it to rest for some time before you serve it. It will allow the juices to sip properly inside the meat, resulting in a tender bite. 

Adding an Umami spice blend allows you to take your grill dish to the next level. So, fire up the grill, grab your favourite cuts, and be ready to entice the taste buds. UMAMI Bermuda Spice Co offers a wide collection of spice blends, BBQ sauces, and paprika salt. Shop online from the website now. 

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