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Bermuda Braai - This braai blend combines Spanish smoked paprika with coriander, cumin, allspice and garlic (with a teensy bit of heat from cayenne) to create a very umami blend that is great on the grill but also everyday cooking.


I first heard of a braai a few years ago while doing research for the spice club on barbecues around the world.


The word braai pronounced "bry") is Afrikaans for barbecue or grill.  Like most cultures, barbecuing is about more than just the meal in South Africa.  


It is a social event but has specific traditions and social norms surrounding it.  The meat is cooked over a wood grill called a braai stand and everyone chips in with the ingredients. The host is always in charge of the fire and you never mess with another person’s fire.


This sense of coming together and community really resonated with me at the time and still does (maybe even more so now). 


I hope when using this blend you manage to capture the joy and friendship of the braai.

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