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Spice Blends & Rubs

The Everything Spice – is UMAMI’s version of an all-purpose spice but better!  The secret ingredient is garlic, but let’s keep that to ourselves.  The Everything Spice adds gourmet(esque) flavor to literally everything.  Sprinkle on beef, lamb, salmon and other fish, vegetables, beans and potatoes.  Or anything else!

The Stardust - is UMAMI’s savory blend of star anise, ginger and garlic.  Sprinkle the stardust generously on chicken, pork, salmon and shrimp and cook as usual.  It can also be used on sweet potatoes and butternut squash.

The OCG - is our take on a garlic salt, but classier.  We combine onion, chives and garlic to take the flavor experience to the next level. Delicious on vegetables, beans and meat!  And don't be afraid to mix it with butter for garlic bread or a compound butter!

The Steakhouse - is all you need for beef!  There is nothing else to say!

The Middle Easterner - combines classic Middle Eastern spices which can be used as seasoning or a rub for lamb.  As with ALL of our spices, you should definitely experiment with this spice and try it on vegetables and beans or as part of a curry.

Tandori Twist - is UMAMI’s interpretation of, you guessed it Tandori spice!  This is available sugar free and/or salt free as well.

The Thai - is a delicate sweet chili blend with ginger, garlic and chives. Delicious on shirmp, noodles and vegetables.

UMAMI Lamb - a more traditional lamb blend that's just as gourmet(esque)! Use liberally on lamb, potatoes and vegetables.


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