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Loquat Chutney, made with love by UMAMI BERMUDA. 


If you are not very familiar with chutney, it’s a sweet vinegary fruity concoction (condiment) that is delicious on all sorts of things.  Here are some of my favorite ways to use it (loquat chutney in particular)…


As a garnish for codfish cakes or (mini) appetizer fishcakes.  You need just enough on top to get a taste in each mouthful.  So so good.

With cheese and crackers/bread (gluten free of course).  Spread a little on the cracker first and then put the cheese on top.

With curries.  When we were young my mom used to give us the option of chutney with our curry.  Yummo!  I think my mom’s curry was where my love of mixing flavors was born…

On meat.  It works really well on gamey meats like lamb, but also sweet loving meats like scallops and pork.  Actually scratch that; ANY meat.

On a charcuterie board.  Of course, duh! In sandwiches. 

Grill cheese for the win!


The great thing about it is that once you try it you will probably find your own favorite ways to use too!



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