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Interesting Facts About Umami Spices - All You Need To Know

Interesting Facts About Umami Spices - All You Need To Know

Have you ever tried seasoning your dish with a spoonful of parmesan cheese or a tablespoon of soy sauce? The addition of umami spices makes the dish 100 times better to taste than others. Umami is a staple spice used in Japan and is considered a taste addition to making dishes more delicious. If you plan to include an umami spice blend in your culinary skills, here are a few interesting facts about umami spices. 

What is an umami spice blend?

It is not easy to describe the taste of umami spice. It has a lingering flavour that makes a simple dish spicy and flavoursome. You can add umami to broth, chicken, meat, and stock as well. When you add umami to your dishes, you will feel full and satisfied for a long time. Unlike other types of spices and seasoning, umami is safe and can be consumed by everyone. 

Food with natural umami spices 


Dried mushrooms are naturally umami-rich and can be used in soups, pasta, and fries. You can also dry the mushrooms and make a paste to add them as seasoning. 


Freshly shaved parmesan is a necessary seasoning added to almost all Italian cuisines. With a little parmesan sprinkled on top of the dishes, you can add a salty and tangy flavour to the food. Cooking soups and pasta without parmesan will make the dish dull in taste. Parmesan has natural umami properties. 

Tomato paste 

Tomatoes are high in umami. Making tomato paste brings a savoury flavour to soups, stews, and pasta. Hence, tomato paste is a vital component in the umami spice blend. 


Kombu, a seaweed, also contains umami. You can use kombu by drying it and processing it in a powdered version. This is available in spice form in all Japanese stores. It brings an earthy flavour to dishes. 

Benefits of Umami Spice Blend

Adding umami to different types of cuisines gives many benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • Adding umami brings a feeling of satisfaction when a meal is consumed.
  • Umami consumption increases saliva production, making you lose appetite and taste for a long time.
  • It helps in improving the memory, learning and cognition process of the brain
  • It also reduces the need for consumption of sugar, salt and fat because the presence of umami produces a sense of happiness

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